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Pre-Assessment at Partnership for Health Senior Care in Atlanta, GA

Potential Clients call the office and request our Free Assessment. During the initial phone interview we determine what their basic needs are for their loved one and determine what insurance they will use to pay for the services.

Assessment- We will send out an RN to do the Free Assessment. At this visit the nurse will speak with the potential client and the care giver to determine the diagnosis of the client and what services the family request. Additionally during this face-to-face, the nurse will determine how many days and hours is needed for the service. She will take the clients vitals and weight as well as gather a list of the client’s current medications. The client will be asked to sign and complete all opening assessment paperwork. The nurse will take the initial payment from the client if the client is a Private pay client. If the client is covered by insurance, no payment will be taken. The nurse will inform the family of the date and time that the nurse or aide that will be servicing the client will begin the case.