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In-Home Wound Care Questions and Answers

If you need more information on how to properly care for your wound, read our Q and A page below. Partnership for Health Senior Care offers wound care help at home to help you get back on your feet in Atlanta, GA. For more information, please call us or book an appointment online.

In-Home Wound Care Near Me in Atlanta, GA

Everyone sustains a wound at some point during their life. While most are minor and heal without major medical intervention, some wounds can be more severe and require immediate care. Thousands of wounds are sustained everyday, and it is important to keep the injured site clean to prevent infection. If left untreated, wounds can lead to further complications.

What is the fastest way to heal an open wound?

Use a Heat Pack — To increase blood flow to the skin and to help speed up healing, apply heat to the wound. Put a heating pad or warm water bottle on the wound or place the area in a bucket of warm water for 10 to 15 minutes.

Wash Your Hands — To prevent a bacterial infection, make sure that you thoroughly wash your hands before treating a wound.

Clean the Wound — After stopping the bleeding, wipe any dirt from the wound with a clean cotton cloth or cotton balls and salt water.

Consume a Healthy Diet — To help the body heal quicker, make sure you maintain a balanced diet and eat power foods such as protein, magnesium, vitamins C, D, E and omega-3. This includes orange and yellow vegetables, dark leafy vegetables, bell peppers, tomatoes, meats and dairy.

Use Aloe Vera — Aloe vera helps with all kinds of skin problems, including cuts and abrasions. The gel of aloe vera can be purchased from a pharmacy or extracted directly from the plant. To do this, remove the thorns, cut the leaf in half and apply to the skin.

Use a Healing Ointment — For even faster moist wound healing, use a wound healing ointment. Make sure you choose one that has no harsh chemicals, and your wounds can heal up to twice as fast as an untreated wound and will also help to minimize scarring.

What are the basic steps for wound care?

Accurate assessment of wounds — Proper wound care starts with accurate and expedient wound assessments. It is imperative to have a comprehensive understanding regarding the basics of assessing wounds. It’s important to assess a wound correctly and accurately as the treatment choices are based off of the initial assessment. Areas you that require skills include:

  • Understanding wound characteristics
  • Learning about wound etiologies
  • Proper measuring techniques
  • Accurate wound staging

Thorough cleansing of wounds — From a treatment standpoint, it is vital the wounds are properly cleaned. Know what you can use to clean wounds, as well as how often wound cleansing needs to be performed.

Appropriate dressing of wounds — Each wound is different, and may require a different dressing than the last. It is imperative to understand which dressing is the most appropriate for the type of wound you are treating, and know how to apply it accurately as per the manufacturer’s specifications.

Do wounds heal faster covered or uncovered?

As wound need moisture to properly heal, wounds typically heal faster when covered. Not only does this protect the wound from infection, it also mimics an extra layer of skin over top the wound which enables expeditious healing.

If you or someone you know has recently sustained a wound, come to Partnership for Health Senior Care today! Our kind and compassionate professionals are experienced in helping you at your home with wound care and can help you heal faster. For more information on our wound care, call our office and get in touch with a member of our specialist team. To book an appointment with our in-home adult care, visit our website or speak with us over the phone today. We serve patients from Atlanta GA, Mableton GA, Austell GA, Smyrna GA, Marietta GA, Sandy Springs GA, Hampton GA, Cobb County GA, East Point GA, and College Park GA.